Confidentiality Policy

When a visitor uses laboratory equipment at the Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center (SAGA-LS), use information is collected. Unless otherwise specified, SAGA-LS handles confidential information according to this Confidentiality Policy.

1  Definition

Confidential information is a general term referring to technical and material details obtained from a user by word of mouth or in writing. This term also applies to business and technical details obtained from the user through the support activities of SAGA-LS. This definition of confidential information does not apply to information in the cases below.

1. The information has already become publicly known and the information has become publicly known through events not attributable to SAGA-LS

2. At the time of disclosure, SAGA-LS already possesses the information

3. SAGA-LS has received the information from a third party with legal authority

4. Based on laws and regulations, the government requests the disclosure of information

2  Maintenance of Confidentiality

SAGA-LS makes every effort to safeguard confidential information. SAGA-LS does not leak confidential information and does not disclose it to a third party without prior written consent. To protect the confidentiality of information, SAGA-LS observes the measures below.

1. Confidential information is only used for its intended purpose.

2. To ensure that confidential information is only used for its intended purpose, SAGA-LS assigns only the necessary minimum number of employees to handle this type of information. The few employees handling this type of information have an obligation to protect its confidentiality.

3. In principle, SAGA-LS does not copy confidential information, in part or in whole. If copying is unavoidable, SAGA-LS will clearly state that the information is confidential.

4. Once the confidential information has fulfilled its intended purpose, SAGA-LS returns it to its owner or disposes of it properly (e.g. shredding, incineration).

If this information needs to be saved, SAGA-LS will obtain prior written consent.

3  Compensation for Damages

If SAGA-LS is responsible for the leakage of confidential information, it will be liable for damages. SAGA-LS will make every effort to collect the leaked documents containing confidential information and improve its handling process to minimize the future threat of leakage.

4  Responsibility of User

Visitors using the facility have the same obligation as stated in paragraphs 2 and 3 above to make every effort to safeguard the confidential information obtained by SAGA-LS.

5  Consultation

Contact SAGA-LS if certain matters are unclear or if you have any question about this policy. SAGA-LS will make every effort to work with you to resolve any questions or uncertainties.




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