SAGA-LS has a place to lodge for users who come from far away. The lodging is adjacent to the experiment/research building.

lodging 1 lodging 2

2,000 yen (One day)
40,000 yen (One month)
Weekdays from 15:00 to 17:00


Accommodations are limited to the following persons.

(1) SAGA-LS users

(2) SAGA-LS employees

(3) Other persons specified by the director of SAGA-LS

SAGA-LS users in item (1) make their request for lodging in the Use Application (preliminary reservation). If the accommodation plan changes, users state their intention in the Use Notification (reservation confirmation). SAGA-LS employees in item (2) and other specified persons in item (3) are handled separately.

* Reservations can be made in units of one day or one month.


You can check-in and check-out from Office 2 in front of the building's entrance.

Contact us if you plan to check-in (weekdays from 15:00 to 17:00) late.

Lockers are available to store your personal effects if you arrive early. The lockers are near entrance number one of the experiment hall.

The office will give you a key to use a locker.


Rooms: All single rooms (18)
・Room furnishings


・Bath, toilet, semi-double bed, table, chair, clothes closet, chest of drawers, and air-conditioner



・Towel, body soap, and shampoo and conditioner
・Common equipment


・Mini-kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, television, washing machine, clothes dryer

Lodging Notice

・ After checking in at the office, you will receive a lodging cardkey to access the building and your room. Contact us if you have to check in on a Saturday, a Sunday, a holiday, or outside the check-in hours.

・Accommodations are closed from December 28 to January 3 of each year.

・Be careful to lock the door and be careful with fire.

・Smoking is forbidden throughout the building. You may smoke in designated areas outside the room.

・Persons other than lodgers are not permitted to enter the rooms.

・Take the lodging cardkey with you when you go outside.

・Return the lodging cardkey to the reception office when you check out.

・Notify the office if you lose, damage, or soil equipment and furnishings in the room. You may be asked to replace or pay compensation for any damage to equipment and furnishings.




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