Usage Fee

Type of Proposal
General User Propsal

Proprietary use mainly for industrial companies.

200,000 yen

for 10 hours

Public User Proposal

Non-proprietary use for universities and public institutions. Submit “General User Proposal” if you want proprietary terms of use.

90,000 yen

for 10 hours

Option to Trial User

This mode is for first-time users only, targeting any insitution. The terms of use are non-proprietary.

No Charge

(First time only, 10 hours)

Nanotech User Proposal

This mode is supported by the MEXT program “Open Advanced Facilities Initiative for Innovation (Nanotechnology Network).” Any organization (e.g. company, university, public institution) is eligible. User information is made public.

9,000 yen

for 10 hours


Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center
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