Type of Proposal

Experiments are performed based on the type of Proposals below.

General User Proposal

In this type, the user information* is kept confidential. (The main users are companies.)

Public User Proposal

The main users are universities, and public institutions. The user information* is made public. To keep the user information confidential, a public institution user should submit “General User Proposal.”

Nanotechnology User Proposal

The SAGA-LS participates in the "Kyushu Nanotechnology Network" supported by the MEXT program named  “Open Advanced Facilities Initiative for Innovation (Nanotechnology Network). Users are companies, universities, and public institutions covering nanotechnology. ” The user information* is made public.


Option to Trial User

This type is for first-time users and free of charge (limited to one day). However, even for the type of General User proposal, the user information* is made public.



* User information: Company name, experiment participants, experimental results




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