1. What are the procedures and how do I apply to use SAGA-LS?

Look at the "Using Prefectural Beamlines".


2. I want to know about beamline available time.

In principle, beamlines can be used Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 21:00 (15:00 to 16:00 is used for reinjection), which is 10 hours at a time. >>Operating Schedules


3. How do I confirm my reservation?

Contact us by phone or e-mail.
      phone : 81942-83-5017   email :


4. I want to obtain a use application.

You can download an application from here. >>Form Downloads


5. I want to know about Trial Use.

Trial Use is for first-time users of SAGA-LS. First-timers can use the facility one time (10 hours) free of charge. The use information is made public. >>Type of Proposal


6. Does SAGA-LS have accommodations?

Yes, there is a lodging building that you can use for 2,000 yen per night. >>Lodging


7. I would like to discuss the measurement method and the measurement sample.
For specific projects, contact us by e-mail. After examining your project, we will give you an answer by e-mail.
     email :


8. Is it possible to adjust samples?

You can use the common Experiment Preparation Room. If you need a draft, you can use the Chemical Lab (reservation only). >>Chemical Lab


9. Is it possible for the measurement result to remain confidential?

You can select the General Use mode to keep the use information confidential. However, if you are a trial user, the use information will be made public.


10. What is the best way to announce the measurement results at a scientific meeting?

When publishing a scientific paper, clearly state that the measurement results were obtained at SAGA-LS. Contact SAGA-LS in advance if the results will be announced in a newspaper or a journal, or at an award ceremony or a lecture.


11. How do I register as a radiation worker?

The experiment room is designated as a radiation controlled area. Only registered radiation workers are permitted to enter the room. To register as a radiation worker, fill out and submit a Radiation Worker Registration and Consent Form.


12. What are the requirements to be a registered radiation worker?

An experimenter must attend a lecture (six hours) on radiation exposure control law and training and undergo a physical examination. On the application and consent form mentioned in Q11, provide proof (signature or registered seal) that you are a qualified radiation protection supervisor or a labor management supervisor.


13. Does SAGA-LS have a dining hall?

No, it does not. However, a shopping mall is located near the facility (five to six minutes away by foot). You can order a bento meal (350 yen) and have it delivered to the office. Orders must be received by 9:00.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact SAGA-LS’s Consultation Service.
e-mail :




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