Privacy Policy

To operate and manage the SAGA-LS Website, the Kyushu Synchrotron Light Source Center (Center) collects and uses the personal information of visitors. The personal information is protected and handled according the provisions below.

Legal Compliance

The Center handles the personal information of visitors in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law (Law No. 57, 2003) and the Personal Information Protection Regulations of Saga Prefecture (Saga Regulations No. 37, 2001).

Clarity of Purpose

Whenever SAGA-LS collects personal information about a visitor, as far as possible, it clearly states the purpose and informs the visitor.

Appropriate Collection

The Center collects personal information in an appropriate way and uses the information for its stated purpose.

Except in special cases specified by law, SAGA-LS does not collect information about a visitor’s personal thoughts and beliefs or crime record.

Direct Collection

In principle, SAGA-LS receives personal information directly from the visitor concerned. To achieve the purpose of work, SAGA-LS may receive information about a visitor from a third party if the visitor consents or if prescribed by law.

Purpose of Use and Third Party

The Center may use personal information about a visitor for a purpose other than its intended use and provide the information to a third party if the visitor consents or if prescribed by law or ordered by a court of law.

Safe Management

The Center makes every effort to prevent the loss, leakage, and falsification of personal information. Only the necessary minimum number of employees are assigned to process personal information. In principle, digital personal data is not copied, sent, or carried out on recording media. And personal information printed on paper is not copied. The Center properly maintains the recording media (paper and digital) used to store personal information. The Center secures recording media using locks and other safety measures.

Measures for Outsourcing

Outsourcing plays a valuable role in the efficient processing of office work. However, SAGA-LS is well-aware of the danger of information leakage through the outsourcing of work related to the processing of personal information. The Center, therefore, careful selects an outsourcer based on its management system, emergency response network, and safety measures. The fitness of the outsourcer is verified through documentation and onsite inspection. The outsourcer’s performance is monitored.


Based on the personal information protection regulations of the Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center, a visitor may follow request procedures to verify his own information, correct mistakes, and ask SAGA-LS to stop using his personal information. In principle, SAGA-LS will reach a decision on the visitor’s disclosure request within 15 days.

Proper Disposal

After the personal information of a visitor has fulfilled its intended purpose, SAGA-LS will dispose of it by incineration or some other appropriate method. When recording media containing personal information is discarded, SAGA-LS will make sure that the information cannot be deciphered or recovered.

10 Consultation Service

To make a disclosure request or to report a complaint, contact the Planning Group or Management Group.


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