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The SAGA-LS Website is run by the Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center (SAGA-LS). To use the SAGA-LS Website, a visitor must agree to the site policy and the privacy policy. These terms may be changed by SAGA-LS without prior notice.

Privacy Protection

    Privacy Policy


1.Before publishing information on the SAGA-LS Website, SAGA-LS examines and verifies its content. However, SAGA-LS does not in any way guarantee the appropriateness (e.g. accuracy, usability, reliability, safety) of content. In the unlikely event a visitor suffers damage when using the SAGA-LS Website’s content, SAGA-LS will not be held responsible.

2.The Center may change the SAGA-LS Website’s layout, usage terms, address, and content without prior notice. The Center may also discontinue the SAGA-LS Website or interrupt its operations without prior notice. If a visitor using the SAGA-LS Website suffers damage when content is changed, or the site is interrupted or discontinued, SAGA-LS will not be held responsible.

3.The content of a link to another site (link site) is not under the control of SAGA-LS. The placement of a link site does not mean SAGA-LS has a partnership or other special relationship with the site’s owner. If a visitor to the SAGA-LS Website suffers damage when using the content of a link site, SAGA-LS will not be held responsible.


In principle, a site is free to link to the SAGA-LS Website without prior contact. However, after linking to the SAGA-LS Website, the site should send its home URL to the Utilization & Planning Group.


All copyrights and other rights of content and works (e.g. documents, data) on the SAGA-LS Website belong to SAGA-LS or the information providers concerned. The content and works are protected by Japanese copyright law, international conventions, and the copyright laws of other countries. The content and works may only be used for private purposes. It is strictly forbidden to provide the content and works by any means (e.g. altering, duplicating, lending, leasing, selling, publishing, sending, broadcasting) for use by a third party without permission from the right holder. In case an individual work has its own terms and conditions, they will have priority.


The SAGA-LS Website can be viewed using the following browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or higher

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Access Log

The SAGA-LS Website keeps an access log of visitors. For each visitor, the log records the domain name, the IP address, the browser type, and the access time. The log contains no private information about a visitor. The log is only used to perform statistical analysis of website usage.

JavaScript and Plugins

The SAGA-LS Website uses JavaScript to display page content.

For correct displaying, a visitor’s browser should be set to allow the use of JavaScript.


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